Jared Brandau

Jared has an extensive selection of specialty project experience that allows him understand and adapt to the unique challenges of each project. He holds a passion for working on completely unique projects that require out-of-the-box thinking to produce economical and constructible solutions to meet the visions of the owner and design team. After studying nuclear… Read More

Chad Rosenberger

Chad is an industrial facilities and commercial/hospitality design specialist with a keen eye and experience for complex structures. He has particular expertise in the design and analysis of structures subjected to both conventional structural loads and dynamic loads. Growing up, Chad was always fascinated with buildings and the engineering that went into them, and while… Read More

Alex Mengistu

Alex joins the Axiom team with over 7 years of experience in structural design. Alex brings to the team extensive expertise in wood modular engineering, particularly in the realm of wood multifamily design. He is well-versed in incorporating sustainable design principles, such as LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and living building concepts. Alex… Read More

Brad Geyer

Brad is a well-rounded engineer with a variety of experience in concrete, masonry, and steel. He has participated in several projects in mid/high rise, podium, and retrofit for office and industrial projects. Brad enjoys working for Axiom and being part of a smaller company with a focus on organization, individual empowerment, training, and employee development…. Read More

Joe Zeller

Joe joined the Axiom team with over 8 years of experience in structural design. Most of Joe’s background is in the design of structural steel and concrete structures with a focus on the design of post-tensioned concrete parking structures, office buildings, multi-use residential buildings, and industrial warehouse buildings with tilt panel walls. Joe was excited… Read More

Brett Carey

Brett brings over 8 years of experience in structural design to the team, specializing in steel structures of commercial construction. Brett chose to join the team due to our team-focused approach and Axiom’s drive to continuously improve. Ask him about his trip to Sagrada Familia.

Megan McDonald

Megan joined the Axiom wood modular team in 2022 with over 5 years of experience in residential wood design and post-tensioned concrete design. She was drawn to make a change and join Axiom due to the team structures and the practices in place to connect as a remote team with an emphasis on personal development…. Read More

Dimitri Rebich

Dimitri is a mixed-use and commercial market specialist with experience incorporating multiple materials into a single project for a unique look. Though not his original plan, an internship in college ignited a love for structural engineering and introduced Dimitri to what would be his career. His favorite part of his role at Axiom is the… Read More

Kyle Hagen

Kyle is a constructability-focused design specialist of steel, concrete and wood with expertise leading to thoughtful, economic and efficient design solutions. After spending about three years in the petrochemical industry, Kyle was looking for a new challenge and opportunity to grow. He pursued structural engineering because he finds meaning in being able to design structures… Read More