Jared Brandau

Jared has an extensive selection of specialty project experience that allows him understand and adapt to the unique challenges of each project. He holds a passion for working on completely unique projects that require out-of-the-box thinking to produce economical and constructible solutions to meet the visions of the owner and design team. After studying nuclear… Read More

Chad Rosenberger

Chad is an industrial facilities and commercial/hospitality design specialist with a keen eye and experience for complex structures. He has particular expertise in the design and analysis of structures subjected to both conventional structural loads and dynamic loads. Growing up, Chad was always fascinated with buildings and the engineering that went into them, and while… Read More

Steve Everard

Steve is a government facilities specialist who works to ensure an effective use of resources while facing unique situations and extreme conditions. Growing up with a carpenter as a father, Steve has always been drawn to design and construction and enjoyed bringing concepts and ideas to life – both of which he gets to do… Read More

Alfred Larsen

Alfred is a multifamily and mixed-use developments specialist utilizing creative and collaborative solutions to meet and exceed client needs. Alfred has always enjoyed putting things together and solving problems. Like many engineers, he had a healthy Lego collection growing up and loved visualizing how things fit together. His interest grew beyond just Lego and into… Read More

Justin Beschorner

Justin is a mixed-use and urban housing specialist with expertise in identifying challenges early to add value by developing unique solutions. Influenced by his family in the construction industry, Justin decided to pursue the structural engineering industry because he has always had a curiosity and desire to learn how the various components and materials come… Read More