Project Development Services

We champion a behavioral change from the traditional mindset to achieve value and certainty through collaboration.

The real estate development sector expertise frequently functions separately in silos. Real Estate Developers focus on new development visions, business models, financing, land acquisitions and property management. Designers turn that vision into design documentation. Contractors use the design documentation to build a project. Business and Facility Operators use the business model and the completed project to trade in the market. There is rarely consistent supervision supporting the vision from inception to operation and ensuring all stakeholders key requirements are coordinated, prioritized and achieved. Many times, there is a lack of organization to strategically explore, evaluate and optimize development opportunities. We help our clients overcome these problems by applying lean construction principles to all stages of the development process. With the use of these principles, we achieve certainty by breaking down the traditional industry barriers through collaboration. This mindset drives value to the client.

Services Offered:

  • Development Management
  • Risk Management
  • Cost Estimation, Control and Reporting
  • Design Management
  • Procurement Management
  • Contract Administration
  • Reporting and Communication to all Stakeholders
  • Lead Design and Project Management


Manage, Facilitate and Deliver completed development projects on behalf of stakeholders. This role provides Stakeholders the freedom to productively explore all the potential future developments and growth opportunities. We actively study development opportunities with the stakeholders to determine which development projects will be successful financially and which projects should be avoided. We identify the opportunities that achieve the greatest return on investment for the stakeholders.

Reduce Risk through methodical planning, preparation and proper documentation. Risk will be minimized by providing a more comprehensive informed platform for strategic decisions. We secure the necessary details and provide direction to support an efficient development delivery process. This process guarantees the timely delivery of a quality product that meets or exceeds the financial returns.

Provide a High Level of Experience utilizing tested and accomplished personnel that are experts in design management, construction management and cost management of a development project.

Utilize Innovative Approaches, ideas and methods while facilitating all stages of the development process. Lean™ Design and Lean™ Construction principles are used to support an efficient approach. We provide different perspectives. This culture eliminates the limitations of repeatedly delivering through the traditional approach of design, bid and construct. We capitalize on value added competencies through techniques such as Target Value Delivery.

Collaboration and Certainty provided through the stages of development.
Stage 1. Our approach is to review and support the enhancement of the client’s methods of development delivery. In addition, we will organize and quantify the initial development opportunity for the client’s review and direction, setting the stage for a methodical, measured approach to the development process.

Stage 2. Through collaboration in the early stages of development, certainty will be established by completing feasibility studies, back planning, creating a development brief to match the requirements of the financial model and researching alternatives to optimize the development (structure, height, materials and prefabrication methods of delivery). These actions will further define the development strategy and support the creation of a business plan. The focus is to ensure the client is able to control the direction, progress and approvals of the development prior to resources and capital being committed.

Stage 3. The development brief and design brief will be used to provide clear direction for the initiation of the detailed design and support the development of critical components such as the procurement, funding and exit strategies.

Stage 4. The strategic business and development objectives will not be lost or hindered through the design, contracting and construction stages of the development process. Pre-Planning allows optimization to occur with the design and construction to capitalize on further opportunities in the delivery process.

Stage 5. After the construction is completed, we help manage the Client’s deliverables, takeover and support the launch into the business operations.