Integrated Steel Delivery

Adapted from lean construction philosophies, Axiom’s unique Integrated Steel Delivery (ISD) is built to predict costs more accurately, increase quality, and compress schedules.

ISD creates a digital, integrated project delivery environment that allows engineers, contractors and fabricators to collaborate closely throughout the project-and right from the start. This accelerates material takeoff, which allows the team to establish target value sooner and control costs immediately.

The shop drawing process is expedited, which minimizes problems with field coordination and allows for schedule savings. As the project progresses, the team can refine the design and reconcile costs, overlapping the process to create a vastly more efficient project.

By allowing teams to collaborate over shared building information models (BIM), they can expedite processes and carry out concurrent design and construction activities. The results are compressed schedules with a lower risk on final construction costs.

The results on one hospital construction project illustrate what is possible. Steel was procured at schematic design just weeks after design kicked off. The projects schedule was reduced 10 week and the final steel supply contract was within 2% of the guaranteed maximum price (GMP).