Chad Rosenberger, PE

QC Manager

Technical Lead

Chad is an industrial facilities and commercial/hospitality design specialist with a keen eye and experience for complex structures. He has particular expertise in the design and analysis of structures subjected to both conventional structural loads and dynamic loads.

Growing up, Chad was always fascinated with buildings and the engineering that went into them, and while he always enjoyed the architectural portion of design, his love for math and science caused his fascination to grow with the structural engineering field. His favorite aspect of his role at Axiom is the ability to be a part of a team that brings the client’s and architect’s ideas to fruition. He believes that with structural design comes a great sense of accomplishment through the evolution of engineering from the early concept phases with the architect’s team to contractor’s materialization of the vision. This culminates in the knowledge that for decades to come others will be able to safely enjoy the structure. Ask him about his spontaneous two week trip to Ukraine!


Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
Colorado School of Mines

Licensed in