Joe Zeller, PE

Senior Engineer

Joe joined the Axiom team with over 8 years of experience in structural design. Most of Joe’s background is in the design of structural steel and concrete structures with a focus on the design of post-tensioned concrete parking structures, office buildings, multi-use residential buildings, and industrial warehouse buildings with tilt panel walls. Joe was excited to join our team due to Axiom’s company culture. He states that there is “a comradery within the team that is visible and contagious and loves Axiom’s way of managing and planning, providing the necessary direction and tools that I need without compromising my autonomy.”. We think Joe is pretty cool but, if you ask Joe, his son is cooler than he is. Ask Joe about the time he got to go inside a concrete segmental bridge for the purposes of designing a feasible method of deconstruction that also allowed the ship channel to remain in service (i.e. no blasting).