Dimitri Rebich

Dimitri is a mixed-use and commercial market specialist with experience incorporating multiple materials into a single project for a unique look. Though not his original plan, an internship in college ignited a love for structural engineering and introduced Dimitri to what would be his career. His favorite part of his role at Axiom is the… Read More

Nic Bowens

Nic is a commercial-market specialist providing unique solutions to solve tough problems in a manner convenient to the client. In pursuing engineering in college, Nic was instantly drawn to structural engineering as an engaging and impactful field and an internship at Axiom solidified his aspirations. Proudly claiming to be a “part of the team that… Read More

Kyle Hagen

Kyle is a constructability-focused design specialist of steel, concrete and wood with expertise leading to thoughtful, economic and efficient design solutions. After spending about three years in the petrochemical industry, Kyle was looking for a new challenge and opportunity to grow. He pursued structural engineering because he finds meaning in being able to design structures… Read More

Paul Gearhart

Paul is a steel and reinforced Concrete Design Specialist incorporating experience in fast-tracked projects and early coordination. His childhood interest in building structures such as treehouses and hunting blinds led Paul to pursue structural engineering as a career. Paul enjoys most that his day-to-day role at Axiom is never boring because the variety of projects… Read More

Matthew Robinson

Matthew is a construction documentation specialist enabling engineering intent to seamlessly translate into real world production. His aspiration to be able to positively impact the efficiency of the construction industry is what drew him to pursue Drafting as a career. He takes pride in the time and care he applies to his work and loves… Read More

Sean Dougherty

Sean is a steel and light-gauge specialist using more variety and creative freedom than alternate resources. His interest in buildings and their “behind the scenes” systems fueled his pursuit of this industry, and the consistent work on new and challenging projects is his favorite part of his day-to-day role. Ask him about being an adrenaline… Read More

Vojto Mudron

Vojto is Revit model and drawing creation specialist experienced in all construction materials – though working with steel is his favorite – who prides himself on making the design and construction process as efficient and easy as possible. Originally starting in structural engineering in 1998 because he knew how to draft, Vojto soon realized how… Read More