Jakarta Embassy Compound

Key elements of these facilities include blast, progressive collapse and anti-terrorist force protection measures. Axiom’s scope included a mixed-use parking and utility facility for onsite waste water treatment.

Niamey Embassy Compound

A 10-acre site that includes a new U.S. Embassy office building, a new Marine Security Guard Residence, and community facilities and associated support facilities.

Islamabad Embassy Compound

Included on this site are a 7-story office building, 3-story support annex, 3 story recreation building, a 2-story Marine security guard quarters, a warehouse building, a 3-level parking garage, a 1-story utility building, on-site water wall and wastewater treatment plan, fire loop and stormwater management.

Minot AFB Missile Training Operations Facility

This approximately 28,000 sq ft project consisted of structural steel framing and conventional concrete foundations. This project was fast-tracked and design packages where broken into multiple packages to expedite construction due to a short building season. Early foundation and steel packages where submitted for permit within 4 weeks of NTP. Substantial equipment for the simulators… Read More

Kirtland AFB Flight Simulator

This approximately 24,000 sq ft project consisted of structural steel framing with Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) bearing walls and conventional concrete foundations. The high bay of approximately 35 ft was constructed of both cast in place columns and ICF walls to support both the roof structure. An overhead crane rail system was integrated into the… Read More

Bleymaier Football Center

Axiom’s principal, Lee Harrison, provided structural engineering services for the master planning, schematic design, and design development for this $18M facility. This 2-story project consisted of approximately 80,000 sq ft with unique architectural features including a 90 ft clear span strength and conditions facility with roll-up exterior doors to exterior workout spaces. The main lobby… Read More

South Hills Middle School

This 133,000 sq ft school is capable of having 1000 students. The school contains a large CMU gymnasium area and a new cafeteria concept that implements a large amount of natural light.  Also included are 2-story classroom wings, open concept hallways, unique canopies and a one of a kind stair system.

Rock Creek Elementary School

Similar to Pillar Falls Elementary in layout, this school has a capacity of 650 students. Also includes the same open stair design that doubles as auditorium space, 2-story classroom wings, a cafeteria and gymnasium space that can be combined for special events.  In addition, this facility also includes pre-school classrooms.

Pillar Falls Elementary School

This elementary school includes a cafeteria and gymnasium space divided by an operable wall which can be turned into one large space for events. Also included is 2-story classroom wings, administrative offices, media center and an open central stair area that doubles as an auditorium.

Boise State Lincoln Parking Garage

Axiom worked to improve upon Phase 1 including underperforming expansion joints along with water drainage issues, elimination of an overall building separation joint which prevented a double row of structure down the middle of the garage. The five-story garage utilizes concrete moment frames, parks approximately 740 cars and includes some retail space along University Drive.